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“I knew I had strep throat, I have had it before, but I didn’t have time to go see a doctor*. One quick phone call and in less than 60 minutes the prescription I needed was waiting for me at my pharmacy. The doctor* was so nice. She was thorough and quick. I can’t believe I almost wasted half a day to go to a clinic and get the same treatment I got remotely. This is my new go-to for medical care for my husband and kids.”

– Chasity V. – Teacher and Mother

“ Kidney stones, Boy are they painful. I had them before but this time it was worse. Driving to an Urgent Care Center, I decided to try and use the telemedicine app on my phone to connect with a doctor*. I knew the doctor* could not treat my kidney stones over the phone, but he told me not to go to the Urgent Care but head straight to the ER, based on my symptoms. I later learned Urgent Care would have cost me $150 and they make me use an ambulance to go to the ER, a $750. One phone call saved me $900 and time.”

– Mark B. – Former Amusement Park Director

“I had swollen glands and clogged ears. I called my PC and the earliest I could get in was 7 days later. The next morning, before breakfast I used my phone and connected with a doctor* through telemedicine. Minutes later I had a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Later that day, I called back my PC’s office and told them “Nevermind”. My experience showed me how easy and convenient it was to use telemedicine. ”

– Aaron C. – Account Executive and World Traveler

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