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With experience dating to 2008, we offer a wide array of solutions backed up by experience, millions of pieces of inventory moved, an eager and experienced team, and the desire to provide you with the technology you need.


Medek RPM

Our full-service Remote Patient Monitoring solution ensures that your practice is maximizing its billing potential with Medicare as well as taking the level of care provided to your patients to the next level.

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Medek ConnectedCare

Medek Connected Care offers state of the art healthcare options for patients, combining the convenience of telehealth with a tailor-made treatment that will ensure chronic conditions are being looked after.

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COnnected Care

Remote Patient Monitoring at your pace, your way: a pre-packaged RPM program that you can implement and run yourself, all with just one convenient fee.

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Meek PPE

Affordable gloves with fast shipping and all the security that comes from dealing with a company that has moved millions of pieces of inventory all over America.

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Medek Test Kits

Covid-19 test kits for all your needs. Wether it’s for your home or your company, we are able to get to you fast and with the experience and reliability of one of the leading providers of Covid-19 test kits in the country.

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Medek TeleHeath

Offer telemedicine benefits that keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive. Your best alternative for workplace healthcare is here.

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Temperature monitoring for businesses. Keep track of the temperature in freezers and other climate-controlled environments at the tip of your fingers.

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Harmony Iot

Harmony IoT leverages a diverse selection of wireless sensors, machine learning, and the power of connectivity to deliver real-time actionable data for better business decisions.

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