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Below are 21 common questions and answers about Medek. They are in three sections: Treatment, Prescriptions and Service. Please review each area for your question. You may also contact us through support@medekhealth.com for any question not listed.

Regarding Treatment:

1How does Medek work?
Download the Medek app on your smartphone or tablet. Enter a credit card for the monthly $39 charge (plus $10 for your first visit). Fill out your medical history. Choose a local pharmacy for your prescriptions. When you need to visit with a medical professional tap the “Request A Visit” button. Within 30 minutes a MD, ARNP or PA will call you and you will have a visit over your phone. You may receive treatment advice, a prescription, or a diagnosis. There is a $10 per visit fee.
2Am I seeing a Real Doctor*?
Yes you will speak to a qualified medical provider. It may be a Board-Certified MDs, ARNP – Nurse Practitioners, or PAs – Physician Assistants, all of whom are in your state and can write prescriptions.
3Am I able to have lab tests done through Medek?
Healthcare Providers are unable to order lab tests over the phone. Due to the nature of treating people remotely, it is difficult to follow up, obtain the results, and interpret these tests. They may suggest that you contact an in-person Provider and have certain lab tests performed.
4If I have two minor ailments at the same time, can they both be treated during the same visitation?
They can. Healthcare Providers are capable of treating multiple conditions per consultation. Please note that it is at the Provider’s discretion if they believe it is appropriate treating both conditions, or if in-person care is needed.The Provider can also determine whether to charge one $10 visit fee or more, depending on the time to address multiple ailments.
5Can Medek help with mental health issues?
If you are presently under the care of a mental health provider, it may be possible to do prescription refills (provided the medication is not a controlled substance which is against our prescription policy). The $10 per visit fee is still applicable for a visit requesting a prescription refill. If you’re concerned that you might have anxiety or depression, speak to a Board Certified Medical Providers about your symptoms through the Medek app. The Healthcare Provider may recommend that you seek a local mental health provider.
6If my ailment cannot be treated through telemedicine – should I still discuss with a Healthcare Provider?
For health issues that are not emergencies, Healthcare Providers reached through Medek can offer insight and advice. Often a Provider can give you an assessment of your condition and make a recommendation on what the next step of treatment should be. Please note that the $10 per visit fee would still be applicable.

Regarding Prescriptions:

1Will I be able to get a prescription today?
Yes, if the Healthcare Provider determine that a prescription is needed. That prescription will be electronically sent to a local participating pharmacy for purchase and pick-up. Prescriptions cannot be written for Elective Medications, Narcotic Pain Relievers, or any other drug that is listed as a “Controlled Substance” by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency or regulated under State law.
2Can I get an existing prescription refilled?
Your Providers will review your health history and assess whether it is safe to order a prescription refill. The decision to provide a refill and the quantity is at the sole discretion of the Provider. Medek does not make that determination, leaving it to the Healthcare Providers only.
You may be required to offer proof of an existing prescription (e.g., photo of your most recent prescription bottle). We cannot increase the dosage of your existing prescription. For your safety, our maximum refill policy is no more than a 90-day refill within a 6-month period.
3Are there certain drugs you don’t prescribe?
Prescriptions cannot be written for Elective Medications, Narcotic Pain Relievers, or any other drug that is listed as a “Controlled Substance” by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency or regulated under State law.
Additionally, prescriptions are prohibited for certain anticonvulsants such as Gabapentin, anti-anxiety medications, and anti-depressants, Elective medications include those that treat erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and obesity.
4Can I get a written prescription, so I can send it to Canada, or an on-line pharmacy?
Unfortunately, not. Providers are only able to electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies within the U.S. The chosen pharmacy must be verifiable. They are unable to email or mail prescriptions to Canadian pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, or online pharmacies.
5Can I get a prescription for medical equipment like wheelchairs, C-Pap, oxygen tanks?
As a general rule, Providers cannot prescribe these medical items because of the monitoring, follow-up and some in-person physical assessments they require.
6Am I able to get birth control pills prescribed?
This depends on your history and the Provider’s assessment of the risks and benefits to you. If you are current user of this medication, the Provider can assess whether a refill is safe. The maximum refill policy is 90 days within a 6-month period.

Regarding the Service:

1Will my health insurance pay for Medek?
Unfortunately not. Medek does accept payment from FSA, HSA, and HRA accounts, as well as personal debit and credit cards for both the Monthly Membership cost and the per Visit Fee. Many people use Medek as a supplement to their health insurance, especially those with only catastrophic insurance.
2Do I need to do a video call in order to use Medek?
Some states require a video conferencing by law. Your Provider will let you know if you are in one of those states. In the other states a Provider may ask for a video consultation as needed.
If you do not have video capacity on your phone, and it is not required by law, you may be asked to submit pictures that can be uploaded to your medical chart.
3What happens when I am on vacation in a different state? Do I use a doctor* from my home state or the state I am in?
Request a consultation in the state where you are physically in. Do not request a consultation for your home state, if you are not there. The Provider can electronically submit any prescriptions to a pharmacy nearest to where you presently are.
4Can I choose which Provider I want to see?
The Medek plan is designed to provide people with quick, efficient and thorough health consultations. The Provider that is first available, within your state, is who you are connected to.
5Can my spouse use my account if they are sick?
Unfortunately, not. Your medical history is attached to your account. You will need to create a separate profile for any children, dependents, or spouses. Medek does offer a discounted plan to cover your family (spouse and dependents).
6How is my medical information stored?
Your medical data is securely and privately stored. Your password and other important data are protected. We use encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol—the same type of security used by banks to protect your information. Our security measures are the same, or greater than most doctor’s* offices. Medek’s data storage is spread across different geographic regions allowing us to stay operational during power outages or natural disasters. Medek “passes” all of your information onto the Provider who treats you. We do not store your records, the Provider does. All Providers are in full HIPAA Compliance.
7Could my business offer its employees Medek?
Medek works with numerous employers, unions, associations and non-profit organizations to offer their members this healthcare option. We would be happy to show your company or group the value of providing Medek Membership to its members. Contact us at support@medekhealth.com
8Can I get a written copy of my medical records?
Yes! Call us at 888-99-MEDEK (888-996-3335) or contact us at support@medekhealth.com and request a printed copy of your medical records. We will contact the Provider who treated you and they will send the medical records to you. Medek does not keep your medical records in storage. We will facilitate you obtaining your records from the Provider.
9Can those medical records be sent to my work or school or primary care physician?
We cannot share your health records without your written consent. As a general rule, we facilitate you obtaining your records from the Provider who treated you. You would need to give written permission to the Provider in order for them to send your records anywhere, and most Providers will choose not to.

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