Alternative Health Insurance and Free Healthcare for Small Business

September 6, 2019
Alternative Health Insurance and Free Healthcare for Small Business

Imagine if this scenario was true i.e. free healthcare for small business and health insurance. If you were the owner of a small business, that would certainly make you pause and take notice. Medek can help small business owners lower health insurance premiums. With the price of healthcare continuing to skyrocket for small business owners, any opportunity to save cost on the expensive health insurance premium and still provide the healthcare benefits to employees in small business organizations is the primary objective of Medek Health Systems program.

So what if I told you that statement was true? What if you could provide your employees a meaningful health benefit and it would cost nothing out of pocket? Medek Health is aiming to do exactly that; give away free healthcare for small business and alternative to health insurance.

What is Medek?

Medek is a telemedicine application for your phone. It is also healthcare. It is NOT health insurance, but it is alternative to health insurance. Medek does things differently. By asking employers to pay a monthly fee and asking the employees to pay a fee per visit with a healthcare provider, we break up the cost of healthcare over time. And we make it affordable. It costs the employer just $20 per month per employee and the employee just $10 per visit with a provider. 

Medek is a product designed to give your employees the healthcare they need with the convenience of an app. Our healthcare providers can treat the majority of ailments that someone might go to their primary care physician, an urgent care facility, or even an emergency room. Conditions such as pink eye, colds, flu, gout, UTIs and a host of other things can be diagnosed over the phone and appropriate treatments can be recommended. And if a prescription is deemed medically necessary then one will be sent to the pharmacy chosen by the employee in the app. And all this can be done from anywhere.

Medek is a telemedicine service that provides private, on-demand healthcare. Medek treats up to 80% of what you typically see a doctor for. Medek providers can diagnose, recommend treatment, and write prescriptions.
For small business owners, the First 5 employees that membership fee is 100% waived for the first year i.e. Free Healthcare and no health insurance.

Free Healthcare for Small Business – Alternative to Health Insurance

Earlier we said that we provide free healthcare for small business and we meant it. Right now, through the end of December 2019, small businesses can sign up their first 5 employees FREE FOR A YEAR. How can we do this you ask? We believe so strongly in our product that we are willing to bet your business will want to keep on going after the year is up. And if you have more than 5 employees, the rest are just $20 a month to cover.

Ready to Try It Out?

Research has shown that employees are more likely to stay with a company when they feel that their employer cares about them. What better way to show them you care then by offering them healthcare coverage that is easy and convenient. Less turnover makes your job easier too. So take us up on our offer. Go to our website and sign up for our First Five Free Promotion and sign up your company for this amazing benefit. It’s a move that you won’t regret and that your employees will love!