Request an Online Doctor Visit ( online doctor consultation )

Feeling sick? Medek gives you access to medical care 24/7/365. Requesting an online doctor visit ( online doctor consultation ) is as simple as opening the Medek app(android, iOS) on your smartphone.

Requesting an online doctor visit
A telemedicine care coordinator assists

A Care Coordinator Connects You

A person will call your cell and confirm your chief complaint. They are there to guide you through the process. Medek uses high tech with a human touch.

Your Online Doctor Visit

In less than 30 minutes you will be visiting with a Provider (MD, ARNP, PA). During your online doctor consultation you may be asked for photos or video. Treatment options will be provided.

A virtual doctor visit through video
Woman back at work because of an online doctor visit

Quicker Treatment, Quicker Recovery

If a prescription is neccessary it will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. Often you can pick up your prescription within the hour. Quicker treatment, quicker recovery.

Making Your Online Doctor* Booking Easy

Sure we provide the most convenient telemedicine product, but why choose a telehealth product? We have seven reasons to choose telemedicine over traditional urgent care or hospital visitation.

A man needs a dr app because he feels sick

1. Immediate Care

When you are sick, you want quick results. You will chat with a doctor* in 30 minutes or less. Quicker treatment means quicker recovery. No waiting days for an appointment. Often prescriptions are ready within an hour of your virtual doctor visit. Remote medical visits only cost $10 per visit.

2. Skip the Trip

Who wants to drive when they feel sick? Honking traffic and endless red lights? Or maybe you have a sick child in the back seat distracting your driving. Plus there is the cost of the gas, tolls and parking. Isn’t it better to see a doctor* online directly from your smartphone? Our healthcare professionals come to you. You can be connected through our app in less time than it takes to drive to the office.

A woman is stuck in traffic on the way to an urgent care clinic
a crowded waiting room

3. Bypass the Waiting Room

Wait in a waiting room. Wait in the exam room. Wait to check-out. Too much waiting, too little healing. Immediate connection to a doctor* from your home means you avoid the room filled with sick people. You have no exposure to other illnesses. No need to make sick or unruly children behave. You are home and you are seeing a doctor*.

4. Connect at Anytime

Don’t have time to leave work and get a prescription? Connect from work on your lunch break. On vacation? Traveling for work? Caught a cold? Connect immediately to a doctor* from any of the 50 States and get your prescription online.

A an at works speaks to a doctor online
Woman with a sick baby uses telemedecine

5. Connect at Anytime

A crying infant at 3 am? The ER is no longer your only option. Caught a bad stomach bug during the holidays? Medek is available to you 24/7/365. That includes holidays, weekends, overnights. No need to wait until a Monday morning to get a doctor’s visit.

6. Consults, Questions and Care

Do need to know if that rash is serious or just something to scratch? Not sure if your child’s cough is something more? Is your stressed eye pink because of ”Pink Eye”? Don’t go rummaging through the internet looking for answers, call a Medek doctor* and get online medical advice for your health.

A woman gets on her phone for medical advice
A man is happy for $10 healthcare

7. Low Cost = Great Value

As a Medek member, your monthly membership allows you to connect with a healthcare professional for a $10 per visit cost. Other people will pay over ten times the amount to visit a doctor* in their office. At $10, you receive medical care, that is faster and easier. No exposure to other illnesses. No waiting. No co-pays. No traveling. No hassles.

Making Healthcare Work Better

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