Central Florida Company Medek Solves Healthcare for Small Business

August 7, 2019
Central Florida Company Medek Solves Healthcare for Small Business

Orlando, FL, USA — August 7, 2019 — Medek Health Systems announces campaign to provide a no-cost team doctor for small business. 

As healthcare costs continue to climb, BIG companies  like Google, Amazon, and Apple (AC WELLNESS NETWORK LLC) are providing on-site clinics to keep their employees healthy, happy and productive. In fact, one-third of companies with over 5,000 employees offer on-site, “team doctor” medical services. This “perk” is expected to grow as more companies see better retention, easier recruitment and less sick days.

Although large firms have embraced the value, small businesses have been unable to provide onsite medical care, and have even struggled to offer basic health insurance because of the crippling costs. The average yearly cost for a family policy totaled $19,616 in 2018. 

Medek Health Systems provides the low-cost “team doctor” benefit to small businesses at a fraction of the cost. Medek solves the healthcare “cost and accessibility” issue by leveraging its mobile app based telehealth technology and Artificial Intelligence.

We have all heard the adage that time is money, and for small businesses that is especially true. Medek brings the doctor to the employee and their family —  there’s no need to leave work or take a day off. The entire visit process is handled over your mobile phone in less than 30 minutes. No more waiting in long lines or in crowded doctors’ offices surrounded by germs–everyone gets the advice they need from the comfort of their home or office space. What’s more, providers can write prescriptions through the app and employees can pick up the medication at a time that suits them. 

Giving small businesses the opportunity to have a team doctor at their fingertips is not only a competitive advantage for the company but a rare luxury for the employee and their family.

“It’s so easy to overlook how much time is lost to workplace absences. Between covering sick employees and making up lost hours, we lose so much valuable productivity to healthcare realities”- John Weissfisch, Tropical Smoothie franchise owner. 

With over 4 million members, Medek is striving to provide the team doctor benefit to every small business and is announcing their First Five Free Campaign. 

About the Campaign: 

  • Team doctor for every small business in the United States
  • 5 free employee family memberships for one year
  • Includes urgent care, dermatology, pediatrics
  • Available 24/7/365 in all 50 states and the District of Columbia
  • Prescriptions written when medically necessary (70K available pharmacies)
  • Additional memberships can be purchased at $20 per month per employee
  • Companies can add, remove, or transfer their memberships as needed
  • NCQA certified providers; average of 15 years experience
  • Campaign ends October 31st, 2019

If your business would like to take advantage of the First 5 Free campaign visit Free Healthcare Small Business and sign up.

About Medek:

Medek Health Systems LLC is a company that believes in the mission of bringing affordable healthcare access to every corner of the United States. Founded in 2018, Medek leverages decades of software experience and fresh ideas to the table. The team behind Medek is responsible for a number of other Internet of Things software products helping to improve efficiency across businesses.

Contact: Ryan Mezzell

Cell Phone: 239-246-3780

Business Phone: 888-996-3335

Press email: rmezzell@medekhealth.com