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What is a Quantum Dot Rapid Antibody Test (QDTK)?

  • Medical diagnostic tool that uses molecular quantum dots to quantitatively identify the presence of Covid-19 antibodies
  • Samples include: blood, saliva, breathalyzer
  • Standard medium: Lateral flow cassette

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    How QDTK Works

    Problems with Other Tests


    • Results can show positive for up to 90 days
    • Expensive & Long result time (7-10 days)
    • Accuracy is dependent upon experienced collection & processing- in one study 25% of test admin did not insert deep enough


    • 5+ days before infection can be detected
    • Inaccurate (up to 93% false negative) at determining at screening probable negative (>98% of population)
    • Expensive reader

    Covid Lifecycle

    Why Do QDTK Testing?

    • 100x more accurate than traditional antibody tests
    • Discover IgM antibody readings as soon as 48 hours after exposure
    • Significantly more cost effective- low cost tests and reader
    • Results in 15 minutes
    • Distinguish between early infection, late infection and immunity through quantitative analysis


    Why this Matters?

    Identifying the stage of infection and antibody levels:

    • Shortens quarantine - when IgG antibodies exceed IgM antibodies by 2X then the patient is no longer able to expose others to the virus (No other test can quantitatively determine antibody levels)
    • Provides visibility - Offers the ability to confirm and track the immune response post infection and post immunization
    • Lowers testing costs – high accuracy of QDTK means you can reliably test more individuals instead of using a more expensive test

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