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March 9, 2020
Dehydration Medek Health


Dehydration – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment Dehydration can be a severe medical condition that worsens the longer you go without proper fluid intake. This condition […]
March 6, 2020
Cold Sore Medek

Cold Sores

Cold Sores Cold sores are a very common viral infection. Also called fever blisters, they are small fluid-filled blisters that appear around your lips and mouth. […]
November 27, 2019
Nasal-congestion Medek

Nasal Congestion

Understanding Nasal Congestion Nasal congestion happens when your nasal tissue and surrounding blood vessels swell with excess fluid. You get a plugged “stuffy” feeling. Nasal congestion may […]
November 20, 2019
constipation Medek


Constipation Causes, Symptoms, Side Effects and Treatment  Constipation is a condition where you have infrequent bowel movements that last for a few weeks or longer. Generally, […]
October 25, 2019
Flu Symptoms Medek

Flu Symptoms

Flu Symptoms At some point in your life, you’ll most likely experience the flu and all of the flu symptoms that go with it. On top […]
October 22, 2019
Candida Medek


Many types of fungi naturally grow and live in your body. This includes a yeast genus called Candida. Normally, you can find small amounts of this […]
October 4, 2019
Head Lice Medek Health

Head Lice

Head lice are tiny, wingless insects that suck blood. These insects live in the hair on your head, and feed by biting your scalp and causing […]
October 2, 2019
Strep Throat Medek

Strep Throat

Sore throats are a very common childhood illness that carries over into adulthood. However, it can switch from a simple sore throat to strep throat, and […]
September 24, 2019
vaginal yeast infections Medek

Yeast Infection

Have you ever heard of candidiasis? Chances are, you most likely have because this is another name for a yeast infection. It’s an extremely common medical […]
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