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Covid-19 Test Kits for Charity

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Medek Health is the authorized distributor of the gold standard in COVID-19 Antibody Test Kits. These test kits are extremely useful for surveillance of COVID outbreaks and for a quick and easy determination of the presence of COVID antibodies.

With just a few drops of blood put into the test, you’ll know in minutes if an individual is producing the active COVID antibody IgM or antibodies from a past infection, IgG antibodies. By determining the presence of antibodies before a full COVID test, organizations are able to test more at an affordable cost.

To help stop the spread of COVID and to assist with non-profits who may not be able to afford antibody tests, we will be giving up to 5,000 antibody test kits to non-profit organizations in the Jacksonville area.

Please fill out the form by November 27th, 2020 to become eligible for free test kits. Our staff will be reviewing applications and determining the best use for these kits.

Covid-19 Test Kits for Charity Form
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If possible, how many test kits would you need to achieve this goal?

Test kits are to be administered by a medical professional. Do you have the ability to hire or acquire a volunteer medical professional?

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